OneIT Organizational Chart

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Enterprise Services

Office of the Vice Chancellor
And Chief Information Officer

We ensure highly reliable, secure and innovative information services which support the University's learning, research and business goals. 

Client Engagement

We are dedicated to helping the University community understand and optimize hardware and software resources through training, documentation, customer support and clear communication. 

Enterprise Applications

We coordinate and support the standardization and integration of UNC Charlotte data resources and enterprise-wide systems. 

Enterprise Infrastructure

We manage networking, telecommunications, servers, storage, security services and university research computing.

Unit-Specific Services

College Support

We provide technical support and strategy for each college at UNC Charlotte.

Student Affairs Support

We prioritize and support technology needs for Student Affairs, including application and database development and enterprise application support.

Academic Affairs Support

We support information technology programs relevant to Academic Affairs, including Enrollment Management, the Library, the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Business Affairs Support

We strategically evaluate the needs of University Business Affairs services, including Financial Systems Support, Technical Operations and Planning, Facilities Information System, and Business Services.