IT Tips for Returning to Campus

IT Return to Campus
Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The tips below will help you secure and reconnect your personal and work devices for your return to campus.

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IT Tips for Returning to Campus

1. Secure your Devices 

In 2021 alone, many higher education institutions have fallen prey to ransomware. Cyberattacks like ransomware have the potential to disrupt teaching, learning and research significantly.

  • Student Devices​: OneIT advises students to secure their devices by downloading and installing the free anti-virus software provided at
  • University Devices: OneIT helps patch and secure University-managed laptops and computers, so if you've been using yours regularly, you should be good to go. Unmanaged devices may not have protection against cyberattacks. Please fill out this form to help identify unmanaged devices. Lab computers and podiums on-campus, as well as devices that have not been used regularly, may take a few moments to start up and update appropriately after the first login.

2. Bring your Computer 

Bring your secure student laptop or your University devices and equipment back to campus.

3. Connect to the Internet 

Connect to campus Wi-Fi "eduroam" (or use the Housing & Residence Life Wi-Fi "My-ResNet"). You may need to forget "eduroam" to connect if you've been off-campus for a while. Desktops, printers, and other devices that use a wired network connection should be restarted and may need to be registered to the on-campus network, even if you did so already in the past.

4. *NEW* Pay-for-Print from your Phone

Students connected to one of the University Wi-Fi options above can use their phone, tablet, laptop or a University workstation to print to several locations on-campus (thanks, REPROS!). Learn more about printing from a mobile device or printing from a personal computer.

5. Don’t Forget your 49er ID

Your 49er ID Card provides you with contactless capable access to your meal plan, housing and other buildings, your library card and more. Make sure you pack it for when you come back to campus!  

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