Report Phishing or Issue

Report a Suspicious Email

Phishing Attacks Quick Guide

Cybercriminals “phish” by email to trick you into revealing your username, passwords, or other sensitive information. Because education is a proven way to protect data and defend against cyberattacks, OneIT sends periodic mock phishing emails to employees.

If you receive an email you believe may be phishing: Do not send a reply, click on a link, or open any attachments. Forward the email to, and OneIT will investigate. If you think you may have fallen victim to a scam email, change your NinerNET password and also contact the One IT Service Desk.

Be cautious when emails include:
-a sense of urgency, grammatical errors, and awkwardly phrased language.
-an unusual “From” address end, especially when it is not only
-An embedded link that does not match the URL or website address it allegedly “represents”.

Suspicious email? Report phishing emails by emailing

Report a Security Incident

A security incident is any event that could lead to someone gaining unintentional, unlawful, or unauthorized access to University information or resources and must be reported immediately. Examples of a security incident include:

  • Unauthorized access to systems or data;
  • Lost or stolen equipment;
  • Discovery of sensitive or confidential information on a public website;
  • Inadvertent sending of sensitive or confidential information to unauthorized recipients.

IT concern? Report a security issue by emailing