Remote Learning

Just as in the classroom, learning in an online environment is most manageable when you have all the IT tools you need to succeed. The information below will help you access the internet, set up and log in to University systems and software, and find University resources for your best remote learning experience.

1. Get Connected

Whether you use Wi-Fi, a cellular network, or dial-up, a reliable internet connection is essential to learn remotely. These links list free and low-cost internet access options:

The University does not endorse nor promote any specific vendor.

2. Power On

It’s best to choose a device that will meet your academic needs of today and tomorrow.

3. Get Familiar

From FAQs to software, systems, and apps, these links will help you learn on campus, or on the go:

4. Ask for Help

Remote learning does not mean you are alone. These technical and support resources are here to assist you: