Strategic Goals 2023-2027

OneIT will focus on these strategic goals:

Cyber Security, Physical & Virtual Infrastructure

Provide a robust, flexible, secure infrastructure that meets current and evolving needs.

A1: Continue to Invest in wireless infrastructure
A2: Develop strategies to effectively manage, support, and secure university-owned devices both on and off-campus
A3: Continue to invest in state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems for detection and monitoring.
A4: Develop sustainable funding model for physical and virtual environments

Teaching, Learning & Student Success

Provide an innovative, accessible, and agile teaching and learning environment to enable student success.

B1: Develop internship opportunities within the Office of OneIT
B2: Reduce institutional reliance on aging desktops and laptops
B3: Develop a cohesive computer lab strategy that accounts for the student laptop requirement, virtualization, and curricular specialization


Provide a flexible, secure research environment designed for growth.

C1: Identify grant opportunities that will allow us to enhance and grow our high-performance computing infrastructure
C2: Develop sustainable funding model for the High Performance Computing cluster
C3: Develop guidelines for research data governance
C4: Standardize process for identifying technical needs early in the grant process

Data Accessibility, Connections & Standardization

Develop an institutional data governance framework that optimizes usability and reporting.

D1: Define data guidelines
D2: Identify data repositories, create data marts, and reduce silos
D3: Empower community users to use and report on University data
D4: Provide leading-edge reporting tools that make access and analysis simpler

Administrative Effectiveness & Student Experience

Partner with colleges and units to reduce redundant systems that create data silos, improve business processes, and make good decisions for the University.

E1: Promote use of SalesForce; reduce reliance on other CRMs
E2: Reduce paper workflows by leveraging enterprise workflow systems
E3: Optimize mobile experience for systems
E4: Mature IT governance decision-making, forecasting, and communication capabilities

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Foster equity, engagement, inclusion, and pride in the University.

F1: Empower our team to grow their skills
F2: Assure the growth and development of a diverse team
F3: Identify methods for re-skilling IT staff to meet emerging needs