Research is an important part of UNC Charlotte’s future. Research happens all over campus. Some research relies on sophisticated systems like the High Performance Computing Center; other research is taking place in private labs and offices using both standard and high-end computers. The technology used for research must be reliable and secure. Additionally, data, data governance, data storage, and the sharing of data are critical for a successful research environment.

Support faculty’s research needs by providing a flexible, secure research environment designed for growth.
Target DateStatus
C1: Identify grant opportunities that will allow us to enhance and grow our high-performance computing infrastructure

’23 Update: An NSF grant was secured to fund a high speed data network and a process was defined to identify grant opportunities.
FY ‘24
C2: Develop sustainable funding model for the High Performance Computing cluster

’23 Update: Not started since campus budgets are flat and campus leadership has been in-flux; the current agreement expires in ’25. The target deadline has been moved to FY ’26
FY ‘26
C3: Develop guidelines for research data governance

’23 Update:  Not been started yet but we are researching storage options for research data.
FY ‘26
C4: Standardize process for identifying technical needs early in the grant process

’23 Update: Not started due to campus leadership changes.
FY ’25

Not Started

In Progress

Partially Complete



This objective aligns with Power the Future Through Inquiry, Research and Creative Discovery

Strategic Partnerships

Research and Economic Development, College Deans, HPC Advisory Committee

Accountable Leaders

AVC Infrastructure, AVC Enterprise Applications, Executive Director College Support