Extended Maintenance Schedule

OneIT maintains over 600 systems and services which need to be regularly patched and upgraded; most of this works is routine with minimum impact. However, sometimes the work is complicated, requires extended time and may include a significant outage.  OneIT partnered with university administration to identify the best windows when this extended maintenance could happen; please see the schedule below. 

All work starts and ends at 5 pm. 

Detailed information wil be posted on the system status page and in Niner Insider approximately 1 month in advance.



Tues. Jan 3rd - Fri. Jan 6th

Tues Jan. 2nd -Fri. Jan. 5th, 5 pm


Fri. Feb 24th - Sun. Feb. 26th

Fri Feb. 23rd - Sun. Feb. 25th


Mon. May 15th - Sat. May 20th

Mon. May 13th -Sat. May 18th 

Fri. July 1st  - Sat. July 2nd
 Fri. June 30th  - Sun. July 2nd 

Fri June 28th  - Sun. June 30th 

 Fri. Oct 7th - Tues. Oct. 11th

 Fri. Oct 6th  - Sun. Oct 8th

Fri. Oct. 11th - Sun. Oct 13th

Mon. Dec 19th - Fri. Dec. 23rd
 Mon. Dec 19th  -  Fri Dec. 22nd

Mon. Dec. 16th - Fri. Dec. 20th

Planned changes that result in a system outage are posted on the system status page; outage information is communicated with customers through Niner Insider.