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New Research Cluster GPU Nodes

National Science Foundation (NSF) Computing Grant

Many of our homes today feature devices we verbally ask to tell us the time, play music or turn on the TV, but interactions with conversational assistants remain limited. Now imagine if your Siri, Alexa or Google Home could talk with you, detect, interpret, and react to linguistic changes throughout the conversation. Assistant Professor Samira […]

HPC enhances technology for the groundbreaking work of today and tomorrow

Dr. Jacobs excels past long-standing biomedical issues using the HPC

Dr. Reid explores climate-change & tissue regeneration using the HPC

OneIT will fill the months-vacant Director of Research Computing role next week when Dr. Chris Maher joins UNC Charlotte. Currently, the three-person University Research Computing (URC) team handles all requests to utilize specialty services while managing and supporting the High Performance Computing (HPC) environment that empowers faculty and researchers to compute, store, and access enormous […]