Google Updates for June 2021

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1. Add “Smart chips” and (FINALLY!) create checklists in Google Docs

You can already use Smart chips in Google Docs by typing “@” and then a name to show contact information. This month, Google will unleash more features, including “Smart chips” to easily add and preview files and meetings across Google Docs, Sheets, Slides files, other Google Drive files, and Calendar events. Further, create checklists and insert links more easily with intelligent suggestions. See more about .

Smart Chips/Checklist previews (Click to enlarge)

Smart Chips
Checklist Google Docs

2. Google Sheets: More line chart customization for series

Lay down new styles in Sheets presentations! Modify the color and opacity of line chart series and series items, add line dashes and define line thickness. Oh, and add and style borders for column-shaped series! See more options for customizing chart lines and fill styling in Google Sheets.

Line Chart Styles preview (Click to enlarge)

Sheet Styles Google

3. Update on new Google Meet rollout

The buttons and customizable interface of the new Google Meet are available today, but until June 11, 2021, you can revert to the legacy experience. Peek at the new Google Meet controls below or see updated Google Meet rollout information.

New Google Meet controls preview (Click for more)

Google Meet New controls 1
New Google Meet controls 2