Google Updates for July 2021

Google updates curated for Niner Nation
Monday, July 12, 2021

1. Security Update for Publicly Shared Files

The week of July 26, Google will email owners of files shared with “Anyone with the link” to let them know of a security update that will require new viewers of those file(s) to use an updated URL to access the file content. Owners will be able to choose to remove the latest security update for specific files. OneIT will provide FAQs for this once we know more. 

This update will apply to files that were shared as shown:

2. Indicate How You’ll Join a Meeting 

Want to tell hosts whether you plan to join a meeting virtually or in person?  Soon, guests will choose, and guests and owners will see how attendees plan to attend a meeting right in Google Calendar. The new RSVP option is expected to roll out to calendar invitations in Gmail in the following weeks. 


3. Improvements to Hand Raise in Google Meet

Handy! Google Meet hand raise feature has advanced to automatic hand lowering! In addition, an audio notification for all participants will play at the first raised hand, and a clickable notification will show the number of raised hands (and links to an ordered queue of all participants with raised hands).

Hand raise feature preview (Click to enlarge)
Hand raise feature


4. Customize the Color of Shortcut Folders in Drive

Now users can organize by color your Shortcut Folders in Drive, too. Before, it was only possible to customize the colors of Drive Folders.

Customize Shortcut Folders