Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Talent issues are one of the top challenges facing all IT organizations. OneIT is committed to investing in our staff, embracing equitable hiring practices and continuing to develop an inclusive environment for our staff.

Retain, develop and attract diverse talent.
Target DateStatus
F1: Empower our team to grow their skills

’23 Update: OneIT continues to invest in staff development for the institution (through Cornerstone LOD system, Slate functional users group) and its own IT staff.

’24 Update: OneIT teams continue to invest in training and professional development and gain new skills that align with emerging needs like Intune, Azure and artificial intelligence.
FY ‘24
F2: Assure the growth and development of a diverse team

’23 Update: As positions become vacant, OneIT intentionally recruits for diversity including bridging the traditional gender gap. The diversity of the OneIT leadership team changed substantially this year and is now 44% female compared to 12% in 2022.

’24: OneIT continues to diversify its staff and create opportunities for connection, growth and development.
FY ’25
F3: Identify methods for re-skilling IT staff to meet emerging needs

’23 Update: OneIT staff and the organization itself continue to grow and change to meet emerging needs.

’24 Update: OneIT continues to invest in our teams so that they have the skills to meet emerging needs. Teams are increasingly focusing on supporting AI initiatives.
FY ‘26

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This objective aligns with Live Our Guiding Commitments by Leading in Equity and Engagement

Strategic Partners

Student Affairs, Human Resources, Library, College Deans

Accountable Leaders

Deputy CIO, AVC Client Engagement