Data Accessibility, Connections & Standardization

Data, and the ability to understand where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we are going, are the cornerstones of most measurements throughout Shaping What’s Next Strategic Plan. As departments align their operations, initiatives, and outcomes with the Plan, they will need the ability to access, use and report on data. OneIT will provide leadership in locating, collecting, organizing, securing, disseminating, cataloging, and provisioning data to the organizations that need it. Data quality and security are crucial to this process as well. Harnessing this wealth of information while also addressing campus-wide data security, commonality, and provisioning is critically important to the University’s future success. We must reduce data silos and collaboratively agree on how to manage data.

Develop a shared resource for institutional and unit data that provides the framework for data-informed decisions.
Target DateStatus
D1: Define data guidelines

’23 Update: We are adding data dictionaries to the data hub
FY ‘24
D2: Identify data repositories, create data marts, and reduce silos

’23 Update: OneIT continues to provision new data marts.
FY ‘25
D3: Empower community users to use and report on University data

’23 Update: OneIT partners with the community to develop new data hubs and data portals. Partners included CLAS, School of Data Science, Advising and Graduate School and Facilities.
FY ‘25
D4: Provide leading-edge reporting tools that make access and analysis simpler

’23 Update: OneIT continues to evaluate options and develop a plan.
FY ’26

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This objective aligns with Transform Students’ Lives Through Educational Opportunity and Excellence, Power the Future Through Inquiry, Research and Creative Discovery, Drive Progress for North Carolina and Beyond

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