Administrative Effectiveness & Student Experience

In order to grow and be effective and efficient, we need to simplify experiences by using fewer systems, reducing redundancy and embracing standardization. This goal can be accomplished by looking at system compatibility, integration capability, automation and electronic workflows. This commitment starts with the procurement process. As the IT governance process continues to mature, a primary goal will be effective prioritization. Human resource capacity planning is also part of this equation.

Partner with colleges and units to reduce redundant systems that create data silos, leverage enterprise solutions whenever possible, improve and streamline business processes, and make good decisions for the University.
Target DateStatus
E1: Promote use of SalesForce; reduce reliance on other CRMs

’23 Update: OneIT partnered with University Advancement to move their system to Salesforce Ascend.
FY ‘27
E2: Reduce paper workflows by leveraging enterprise workflow systems

’23 Update: OneIT continues to partner with the colleges and departments to digitize workflows using Slate, Docusign, Archibus, NinerWorks and Perceptive Content.
FY ‘26
E3: Optimize mobile experience for systems

’23 Update: OneIT continues to optimize websites for mobile-first, responsive design. Employee Self Service Banner 9 was released this year providing a much improved interface and usability experience.
FY ‘25
E4: Mature IT governance decision-making, forecasting, and communication capabilities

’23 Update: The IT governance process was completely redesigned this year; roles and responsibilities were clarified and tools were implemented that provide clarity into workload, process and decision-making.
FY ’24

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This objective aligns with Transform Students’ Lives Through Educational Opportunity and Excellence, Power the Future Through Inquiry, Research and Creative Discovery, Drive Progress for North Carolina and Beyond

Strategic Partnerships

Divisional leads for Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, Athletics, Research and Economic Development, Institutional Integrity, University Advancement, College Deans, Procurement Department, Human Resources

Accountable Leaders

AVC Enterprise Applications, AVC Client Engagement, AVC Planning and Projects, Executive Director Business Affairs Support, Executive Director College Support, Executive Director Academic Affairs Support, Executive Director Student Affairs Support