Traveling with Duo: What You Need to Know 2024

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How do I use Duo when traveling?

In most cases, the same way you always use Duo. If you have your mobile device, your Duo app will still work, even if you are offline. If you are offline, see this FAQ on using an authentication passcode.

If you won’t have your mobile device, you can: (a) purchase a key fob (b) use the “Get Duo Code” page at

Can I use Duo abroad?

Be sure to see the Checklist for International Travel with University Equipment and the Export Control Website.
IMPORTANT: Some international regions, like Iran, require special attention. You can’t bring a fob or even have the app installed. Be sure you know how to keep your information safe.

Unique travel needs or questions?

It’s best to contact the OneIT Service Desk before you pack your bags and view our DUO FAQs.

Duo Travel Quick Doc