Google Account Rename

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On Thursday, February 15, through Wednesday, May 15, faculty, staff, and affiliates can voluntarily convert their primary Google account from to On May 15, anyone who has not opted-in will be automatically converted. Note: Students accepted after November 1, 2023,  and new employees onboarded after November 15, 2023 were assigned Google accounts by default and don’t need to take any further action.


This change is part of the rebranding project and the next step in adopting as our primary email identity:

  • This change only affects Google Workspace; the primary email address in other systems (e.g. Banner, Canvas, Docusign etc) is not being changed.
  • Everyone will continue to have an email alias so that mail sent to the old domain will continue to be delivered.


If you used your credentials to login to third-party applications using the “Continue with Google” button, that login method will no longer work.

Continue with Google screenshot

You can either:

  1. Use a different vendor-provided login method with your credentials 
  2. Temporarily revert your account back to See this FAQ

If one of these options doesn’t work, please contact the third-party service for support. Faculty: depending on your app use, consider waiting to opt-in until the end of the semester so that no issues occur with classes. 

Actions Needed

  • OPT-IN: Login To NinerNET Password and Account Manager, click on theConvert Primary Account button, bottom right, and follow the instructions. See this FAQ.
  • AFTER: After the conversion logout and log back into Google Workspace & Apps both on your desktop and mobile device. 
  • Good to Know
  • Faculty & Staff: As a reminder to get access to Adobe Creative Cloud and Dropbox provided by the University,  login to and using SSO. If you login with SSO, you will get to the right place and will not be affected by this change.
  • PREP: Before this conversion, we recommend you log into your Google account, review third-party applications (see this FAQ), delete any apps no longer needed, and add to the third-party service where possible before this change.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the OneIT Service Desk.