OneIT Email Survey

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To prepare for the email migration to, the University is conducting a brief survey to identify University Owned systems and 3rd party vendors used to send or receive email using an email address.

Other than Gmail, please report all systems you use that send and/or receive emails (e.g. iContact, SurveyMonkey, Constant Contact, UNC Charlotte developed system, etc.). In order to complete the survey you will need to know:

  • the name of the system/software/service
  • the email address used by the system/software/service
  • whether or not it sends email from an account
  • whether or not people can send a reply to the email address
  • the frequency of use
  • the number of unique recipients annually
  • the total number of messages sent annually
  • the intended audience
  • what the system/software/service is used for

It is critical that ALL email sending/receiving services used by UNC Charlotte are identified. Please let us know what vendors you use by completing this survey by Friday, Sept.23.