Josh Lancaster: Recipient of the Dubois Award for Accessibility Improvement for 2023-2024

Josh Lancaster was honored with the Dubois Award for Accessibility Improvement for the 2023-2024 academic year. This award recognizes exceptional faculty and staff members who contribute to accessibility within the University’s academic setting or community. Accessibility refers to the ability to access and benefit from programs, systems, environments, or entities, with a focus on ensuring equal access for people with disabilities.

Josh played a crucial role in the Drupal to WordPress migration for our Central Web Hosting Service within OneIT. This extensive migration covered approximately 500 websites across campus, including the Main University website.

In addition to his migration work, Josh proactively enhanced our new WordPress Service’s accessibility. He developed an in-line user interface within the Web Service to notify content editors of any violations while they submit content. This feature guides them on resolving accessibility issues and ensures compliance with our brand standards and lexicon. Josh’s commitment extends beyond technical support; he also assists with operational tasks, site migrations, and general content creator support.

Furthermore, Josh contributes to the campus Web Redesign project, which aims to improve efficiency and streamline websites through new themes, visual elements, and information architecture changes.

Josh’s dedication to accessibility and multifaceted contributions make him a valuable asset to our university community!