Up with IT - November 2019

   November 1, 2019
Read more on Project 210: Inclusive Access to Digital Course Materials; quiz yourself on three cybersecurity misconceptions; and learn about planned upgrades and outages. Read more


Scam Alert: Additional Pay & Paid Days Off email

   October 9, 2019
As the Oct. 8 email to 1,500 faculty and staff hooked seven accounts, ITS reminds the campus community of Phishing Attacks education available. Read more


UP with IT - October 2019

   October 4, 2019
This edition of Up with IT includes the IT background of 49erNext, a stark figure on what most cyber attacks targeting Universitys require, and Fall Break news. Read more

Whoa! Careful with that attachment!

   September 24, 2019
"Emotet" is making its rounds: The nasty malware campaign designed to get you to click on malicious attachments. Read more


Up with IT - September 2019

   September 6, 2019
In this issue, see how Education is piloting GoReact as part of the implementation of Project 185. Explore Ransomware Map, Google Updates, Training, and more. Read more


UP with IT - August 2019

   August 2, 2019
UNCC alumni Gmail accounts, recognizing and reporting phishing attacks, top service requests last academic year, August training opportunities, and more! Read more

Scam Alert - Gift Card Phishing

   July 10, 2019
A spike in phishing emails has targeted the UNC Charlotte community. These attacks requesting gift card codes appear to be sent from a trusted source but are sent from a criminal. See how to identify and report scam emails. Read more


UP with IT - July 5, 2019

   July 5, 2019
In this issue, explore how IT Project 24 is helping University-sponsored guests feel more at home; read about a new security guideline for Privileged Accounts; learn about high-performance computing upgrades this summer; and more! Read more


UP with IT - June 7, 2019

   June 7, 2019
So, What's UP with IT? The answer is A LOT, and this monthly e-newsletter serves as a new way for faculty and staff to stay "up"—to-date, that is—with ITS, from IT Projects to News, Security, Training, and more! Read more

VPN Changes: More Security, Convenience

   May 14, 2019
Over the next few weeks, users can expect a more secure VPN connection when they will be prompted to authenticate their credentials during the VPN login process. Additionally, unique profile IDs—think—are no longer required. Read more